Age of Heroes: Conquest is a video game that lets you play as a most likely hero to join a leaderless Kingdom called Eridun. Go save the empire and individuals and also liberate them from the adversaries! If you like slow-progress games, a fancy story line, and interesting characters, then you will definitely like this game! This RPG has all the works, from remarkable upgrades and also devices, as much as effective blends and even more! Just what are you awaiting? Right here’s our Age of Heroes: Conquest hack as well as cheats list to offer you a few suggestions how you can play the video game wisely.

Age Of Heroes: Conquest is readily available on both iOS and Android.

Buy a great support unit!

At first, you will certainly be offered fundamental units that you could level up as well as equip later in the game. You’ll locate that your several of your devices that could deal significant physical strikes won’t last as well long, without much defence. As a result of this, a great one to maintain them business is Vulgore, that has tank-like residential properties that could secure these various other units from taking damage.

Select among your enemies and also attack!

Pound one opponent aggressor at an early stage to finish it then go after the remaining ones. Ideally, you should remove the one that is most susceptible first. This raises your opportunities of advancing to the next wave as well as battling the one in charge.


Guilds safeguard you as well as assist you with your tasks as well as goals! Participate in team missions to gain EXP and also perk items also. Additionally, if you do not have a guild, others will simply pick on you for not being effective sufficient to take on a clan. Choose the appropriate guild that suits your playing design!

Consider your opponents’ fondness!

Each hero/ally/enemy has a specific affinity. Take down opponents that are prone to your affinity or aspect initially, since they are much easier to remove than those that are mightier compared to you are. Then, join forces against the tougher enemies last.

Upgrade your hero’s health and wellness as well as defence!

Heroes deal tons of damage against your adversaries, yet are quickly removed when you’re a group of adversaries transform their focus on them. This is why you ought to build your hero’s HP and also support, outfit him, and also always set him up with a storage tank ally. Likewise, it is important to upgrade them all equally. You wouldn’t intend to tip the balance if among the tougher one drops. You desire everyone to be able to take the beating and also still win even without the others.

Bring a mix of heroes and allies!

Don’t bring simply one type of hero aspect to fight. Make certain you have a mix of heroes, so you will not obtain erased in case an actually tough adversary is stronger compared to your troops. And after that, take down the weaker ones initially, and also the solid ones last. Rinse and repeat.

Mobilize heroes!

Constantly choose legendary heroes or luxurious summons, so you’re much better saving those rubies compared to spending them on useless speed ups or whatnots. Save those fragments also to create a powerful military. You could get rubies and shards by finishing goals as well as day-to-day purposes. Success will certainly additionally gain you lots of superior currency. Improve your ranking, so you’ll get a far better multiplier, and hence will earn you extra!

There you have it, our Age of Heroes: Conquest hack and also cheats! Always remember to share your secret plays and suggestions by commenting below!


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