Best TH7 Farming Base and War Base Layouts

town hall 7 best farming and war base layouts

Th 7 War  Base Layouts: As always, we are here to help you enjoy your clash of clans gaming experience. It’s the ideal opportunity for another base structure. All ongoing base structures I highlighted here have turned out to be unbeatable th7 war bases and they are exceptionally prominent so that an ever-increasing number of individuals can beat them. I assembled the most recent firm Base Plans for TH7, War Base Layouts, and Farming Base Layouts.

One thing should be noted before we begin, on the off chance that you utilize a layout you find on the web, you ought to dependably attempt to transform it a tad.


Town Hall 7 War Base, Trophy Base and Farming Layouts July 2018.

In Clan Wars, it’s genuinely well known that a higher Town Hall Level will assault your base. Obviously, this in some times is baffling, yet this just occurs if another Town Hall 7 player can’t 3 Star your support – but with these base plans you will give them a migraine.

Anti 3-Star TH7 Base Design

Town Hall 7 War Base Anti Everything Layout.

This TH7 War Base will help you in protecting stars in Clan War with an exceptional layout that will be awful for mass Dragon assaults and a war defense town hall with the positions the Air Defenses are in and a claim center with the Town Hall that is totally isolated. The outside compartments have open spots to drag assaulting ground troops from the center with the Town Hall.

town hall 7 anti everything war base

Anti 3 Star War Base Layout TH7.

This TH7 3 Star War base for your next Clan War accompanies a more reduced divider design, and the essential safeguards are in the segments around the Town Hall. The stockpiles are intended to back off assaulting troops while the outside perimeter makes channeling (particularly for those mass Dragon assailants) not so natural as it may appear in the initial look.

th7 anti 3-star war base

Trophy Base Town Hall 7 Design.

Pushing trophies can be an agony at max TH7 war base once in a while, yet this plan recovers you exceptionally well – however, make a point just to utilize it when you’re 100% about pushing (e.g., for the accomplishment) as the bedeviling Dark Elixir Storage outwardly will wind up pricy for you, however, gets you a lot of stars spared in your exertion.

Trophy Base Town Hall 7 Design

Hybrid TH7 Farming Base.

On the off chance that you are not that ultimately into pushing trophies and furthermore need to keep a portion of your assets secured, I’d suggest this base here for you – notably the Dark Elixir in the inside compartment will encourage you in case you’re in front of some Barbarian King updates. This base is working extraordinarily against air assaults with the Air Defenses within secured by a posterior Air Sweeper.

 th7 hybrid farming base

TH7 Farming Base Layout.

Cultivating is dependably a stroll on a thin line, you have to offer probably a portion of your loot for the agriculturists that need pure plunder – else you’ll hazard that just the individuals who need a 3-Star go for your base.

This base here works that out great with the Dark Elixir Storage being ensured best in the center and splash protection besides the stockpiles to limit the loot that you will lose in a safeguard.


Town Hall 7 War Base, Trophy Base and Farming Layouts February 2018.

With the third Air Defense, we got in the March Update, then you presently have an excellent shot against Dragon assaults. Here are some base formats that function admirably against Dragons, yet additionally against Hog Riders.


Anti-Dragon TH7 War Base.

The primary TH7 Anti-Dragon War Base Layout is structured particularly against Dragon assaults with the Air Defenses at the center and an outside ring that will influence the Dragons to go around, rather than enter the base, if the assailant can’t channel Dragons (which most essentially can’t).

th7 anti-dragon war base


Anti-Hog Rider Town Hall 7 War Base.

The Anti-Hog Rider town hall 7 Design is stronger against Dragons and furthermore agaisnt Hog Riders. The format of the safeguards are intended to draw the Hogs around the base as opposed to entering the center, and there’s likewise Giant Bomb with Hidden Bombs setup that may murder a squad of Hogs if the assailant isn’t cautious with his Healing Spells.

Dragons will just be shot down from the center with the Air Defenses, and there is no real way to take them out ahead of time. This here is my most loved design in light of the fact that numerous assailants are not equipped for adjusting to the southern secret bases as a Town Hall 7.

Anti-Hog Rider Town Hall 7 War Base.

Anti-Giants TH7 War Base Anti 3 Star.

The third TH7 War Base Layout utilizes pleasant channeling against Giant assaults, which has turned out to be increasingly famous nowadays. Many come to think that they can go for the Town Hall quick and straightforward by assaulting from the right side. However, they will be shocked to see their troops head out toward the north and south. Cultivating Base formats with inside Town Halls is challenging to make at Town Hall 7 since you’re feeling the loss of a few dividers to put every one of the Storages inside the crossing points. The critical thing is to spread the Storages so that assailants can’t go for them mainly. This limits the hazard that an aggressor can take all plunder without getting 3 Stars on your base.

Here are a few designs I suggest.

Anti-Giants TH7 War Base Anti 3 Star.


Town Hall 7 Farming Base.

The main TH7 Farm Base Layout utilizes the pipe outwardly to constrain assailants into devices. There is no simpler method to get to the stockpiles, so a rancher won’t get more than two if not at the very least that.

The more significant part of the ranchers you will find in this locale, will just kill your Mines and Collectors outwardly.

town hall 7 farming base


Hybrid Farming Base for Town Hall 7.

The second TH7 Farming Base Design works with more convergences, yet you can likewise observe that there is just a single Storage on each side in every compartment, and there is sufficient sprinkle harm by it to shield it from a Goblin surge.

th7 hybrid farming base design


TH7 Farming Base for Dark Elixir Protection.

The third TH7 Farming Base Layout is flawlessly securing your Dark Elixir Storage, on the off chance that you center on sparing the Dark Elixir at this moment. Alternate Storages are less demanding to reach to divert assailants from your valuable Dark Elixir.

These base formats will work exceptionally well and are very new. None of them are prominent in the network, so risks are high you can astonish assailants with them.

th7 farming base for elixir protection