Clash of Clans Best War Base Th7 Layouts

The best town hall 7 war base layouts

The exciting game of clash of clans couldn’t get any better than this; now you get to enjoy the best features of the game. If you’re searching for a stable base structure for TH7 that will enable you to gain stars in Clan Wars then your search ends here because you’re at the right place! On this page, you’ll get the most recent and most ground-breaking base formats for coc war base th7 that will assure you victory in your next Clan War.

All bases here are components of the upcoming systems in the base plan to firmly protect you against every known assault.

TH7 War Base – General Info 2018

Before I show you the structure of a good th7 war base, if it’s not too much trouble, remember that you ought to play out a few changes from previous updates before using them:

  • Change trap positions!
  • Pivot the format!

This is crucial in order to not get disadvantaged – various gamers here use these formats but you don’t need them to know where your snares are.


Anti-Everything War Base TH7

This is a decent starting point for Town Hall 7. It will work extraordinarily in Clan War against the two initial assaults your base needs to guard against i.e. Dragons and Giants.

This base uses the substantial spaces between the structures in the outside compartments to shroud your devices exceptionally well in terms of the assaulting ground troops. The Air Defenses are orchestrated in the areas that are difficult to penetrate through with Dragons. The dragons will spread to the top and bottom side of the base while getting shot at by the Air Defenses.

th7 anti everything war base


Best Anti-Dragon Town Hall 7 War Base

Is it true to say that you are tired of seeing your base getting destroyed by Dragon assaults? Then this base is perfect for you since it’s quite challenging to destroy it using a mass Dragon assault.

th7 anti-dragon war base

The general format will drag the Dragons to the right side while being in the scope of the Air Defenses constantly – this will bring them down faster than you’d ever imagine. The storages likewise will keep them occupied for some time with their heaps of hit points, a great fortification for your next Clan War.


Anti-Hog Rider TH7 War Base

This base will enable you to guard yourself against Hog Rider and Dragons.

th7 anti hog war baes

This is the most dangerous piece of the entire base since moving the funneling dragons to the center zone is relatively challenging. In addition to that, no troop will survive long enough to head for the town hall or even the center of the base.


Anti-Giant Town Hall 7 War Base

This TH7 War Base Design here works extraordinarily against those assailants that attempt to destroy your base with Giants.

anti giant the7 war base

Each of the compartments has a device at its center designed to work against not just the giants but also against every other attacker that tries to come through. This device will assure you of very great outcomes.


Funneling Town Hall 7 War Base Anti 3-Star

This Anti 3 star TH7 war base works with the open southern secret that guards exceptionally well against all sorts of ground troops. Air troops will make tracks in the opposite direction from the center zone too.

town hall 7 anti 3-star war base

When the aggressor brings down one Air Defense, alternate ones still cover the majority of the base against Dragons.

Likewise, take a look at the device’s position that makes it very dangerous against the Hog Rider. Trying to evade running into the stares can also prove to be quite a difficult task.

Send your base idea

If you built great base design or even better than ours don’t hesitate to send it to iGameLegit team via e-maill: We will check it thoroughly and maybe post it here in this Best TH7 War Base Layouts article with credits to you as professional coc base designer!