Town Hall 7 War Base Attack Without Dragons

TH7 3-star war bases without dragons

Anti dragon th7 War Base: After Town Hall, the 7 bases currently include 3 Air Defenses. It is however very difficult to get 3 stars in it compared to how easy it was during the mass dragon assault days. Despite the fact that these assaults are exceptionally costly, I want to show you the best th7 war strategy, and a safe way to get 3 Stars in Clan War without Dragons.

3 Star TH7 War Attack with Giants and Hog Riders

The assaulting system I will show you generally works in a similar way to the normal system. You don’t have to fear the Clan Castle troops, regardless of whether there’s a Dragon inside or not. In order to implement an effective th7 war strategy, here are the forces you need to bring:

  • 12-14 Giants
  • 10 Hog Riders (in addition to Hog Riders in your Clan Castle)
  • 30-34 Archers
  • 8 Wizards
  • 1 Healer
  • 3 Healing Spells

The coc war attack dependably works in a similar way:

  • Draw out the Clan Castle Troops with a Hog Rider and Kill them/it (more often than not it’s a Dragon)
  • Send in your Giants with the Healer to tank
  • Convey your Hog Riders to help them take out the safeguards and Heal them up with your Healing Spells

This may seemingly sound like a ton of work. However, after I show you the proper methodologies on how to do it, you can hone it two or three times in common assaults and after that, you will easily be able to get 3 Stars in any Town Hall 7 Base in Clan War.

Stage 1 – Killing the Clan Castle Dragon

The Clan Castle protective span is anything but difficult to reach with an effective th7 attack strategy war. You can convey a solitary Hog Rider until the point when the Clan Castle troops show up. More often than not you will see a Dragon showing up but regardless of what shows up you will be able to corner the CC troops/Dragon.

killing the castle dragon

You will only need to deploy your Archers and Wizards around it and wait until it’s destructed.

 th7 anti-dragon war base - deplout archers and wizards around the dragon

Stage 2 – Deploy The Giants

At this point you need to send your Giants at a rapid pace! Since you’ll have a lot of troops on the front line there’s no need to keep running towards the guards and get executed. Instead, draw the safeguarding Clan Castle Troops to a precise location outside the gate so you have an opportunity to get your Giants in there.

th7 war base send giants

Stage 3 – Hog Riders and Heroes

A vast majority of your troops are at the moment secured by the Giants. However, some of them will have to move sideways. Guard them with your Barbarian King, that’s if you have access to him.

barbarian king

At the same time you can send your Hog Riders to that same side in order to get the resistance down. All you have to do from now onwards is watch their wellbeing and drop Healing Spells so they won’t bite the dust.

deploy hog riders in th7 war base

There are no maxed Giant Bombs here, so it is highly unlikely you’ll see them bite the dust.


With this procedure, you will have the best th7 war attack strategy, which gives you the ability to bring down all Town Hall 7 bases. Additionally, it is a cheaper technique to use and you can practice it a couple of times until you are confident enough to use it in Clan War.